• BREAM boats must be 3.7m in length or greater. Horsepower and beam must be sufficient to plane the craft with two anglers and full live well/s. 15hp is considered the minimum to achieve this. All engines must be fitted with a man-overboard or dead man's kill switch and safety lanyard. If in doubt, check with VBC staff or your nearest outboard dealer.

  • All boats must be fully operational including outboard motor running and safety lanyard working at the start of each days session.

  • Boat drivers must wear their engine's safety lanyard strap that connects to the kill switch at all times while the engine is running. Additionally, all competitors are required to wear personal flotation devices while their boat is planing.

  • All boats must have a minimum 60 litre live well, with an aerator or recirculating pump installed and functioning. This must also be insulated if it is above decks. No garbage bins or fish tubs will be accepted.

  • All anglers must wear a PFD type 1 at all times if their boat is less than 4.8m. If your boat is over 4.8m you must wear you PFD at all times while under the power of the outboard motor

  • All boat owners must ensure that Vic Bream Classic have a current copy of their boat insurance policy before any scheduled event. This can be sent in with entry forms.

  • There is no age limit to for anglers competing in the Vic Bream Classic Series however people under the age of 16 are required to fish with a parent or guardian.

  • Upon signing the entry form anglers consent that the information provided on the entry form may be provided to a third party such as a tournament major sponsor for marketing purposes.

Team Structure

  • Teams will consist of the following options = 2 x Adult Anglers
                                                                                1 x Adult and 1 x Child Under 18
                                                                                2 x Adult Anglers and 1 x Child under 12
                                                                                2 x Female Anglers and 1 x Non fishing male Skipper to drive the boat
Pre-fish Day.

  • On the official pre-fish day teams are only permitted to fish with their team mate and no one else unless approved by the Tournament Director.
  • If one team member is unavailable to fish the pre-fish day then one member can fish the pre-fish by themselves, however teams can't split up on the pre-fish day and fish out of separate boats.

Briefing Night

  • On the Friday night before each tournament a briefing will be held and Teams will be allocated a starting position for Day 1 that is determined by the receipt of a fully completed and paid entry. It is a requirement of the tournament that all Teams attend the 5pm briefing at the designated location. Teams unable to attend the briefing will need to make contact with the Tournament Director to explain the reason for the non attendance.

Day 1

  • 6.00am 6.45am = Check In, Launching and Boat Inspections
                                          After launching, file past Tournament Rep.
                                          Receive Key Tag, have live-well, safety gear and safety lanyard checked.

  • 7.00am 2.00pm = Rolling start from position 1 (Tournament Fishing).  A 5 Second Interval between boats
                                          will be used
  • 2.00pm 4.00pm = Weigh In
Day 2

  • 6.00am 6.45am = Check In, Launching and Boat Inspections
                                          After launching, file past Tournament Rep.
                                          Receive Key Tag, have live-well, safety gear and safety lanyard checked.

  • 7.00am 2.00pm = Rolling start from position 1 based on Day 1 leader board (Tournament Fishing).  A 5 Second Interval between boats will be used
  • 2.00pm 4.00pm = Weigh In

Tournament Rules

  •   Teams will fish from 7am to 2pm and not before or after that time! (The Tournament Director has the right to       change the start time should there be an appropriate reason to do so)

  •   Teams (both members) must be back at the designated check in area in their boat with their Key Tag by 2pm.      No one else other than a member from your team can hand in your key tag on your behalf. It will be                deemed that you are still on the water fishing until both team members in their own boat hand in their key tag    to a VBC official.

  •   If your team is late back for the 2pm check in you will incur a 100 gram per minute penalty to your teams             weight.

  •   If you are 15 minutes or more late back your teams bag will be disqualified from that days weigh in.

  •   Teams caught blatantly breaking the posted speed limits will be DISQUALIFIED from that days weigh in.

  •   If a team is booked by the Police for speeding during a tournament session that team will be DISQUALIFIED        from that days weigh in.

  •   Anglers must have current Victorian Fishing License and boat operator to have appropriate boating license.

  •   Teams must obey all posted speed limits while fishing the tournament.
  •    Team must slow to 5 knots within 50 metres of a stationary vessel or jetty.

  •   It is the teams responsibility to ensure that the driver of the boat obeys 0.05 blood alcohol limit laws at all          times.  (Police may be in attendance!)     
  •   Each Team can weigh in a max combined total of 5 Live Bream per day. (Upon catching the 6th fish the                 smallest bream in the live-well must be released)

  •   Minimum legal size for bream to be weighed in is 29cm to the tip  of the tail.

  •   Anglers can only use Hard Body,  Soft Plastic lures or Fly to catch fish

  •   Anglers may fish any line class with spin, baitcast, spincast or flyfishing tackle.

  •   Anglers can only actively fish one rod in the water at a time.  (eg. If you snag up you must break your line off       before another rod can be used)

  •   Lure and fly casting only is permitted. Trolling is not permitted. Trolling is defined as using the momentum of        the boat to give the lure action. Casting along a stretch of bank under    electric power is fine, as is using your    electric motor to keep position; don't, however, leave your lines in the water when changing positions. VBC         Staff reserve the right to disqualify anglers deemed to be purposely trolling in defiance of the spirit of BREAM       events.

  •   Fishing is NOT permitted within any defined non-boating or non-fishing areas. Also, if asked to leave a private     marina or oyster lease, you must do so.

  •   Anglers are not permitted to leave contact with their boat while fighting a fish. Anglers observed away from         their boat landing a fish will have that fish removed from that days bag.

  •   All fish must be weighed in live and then MUST BE RELEASED after the weigh in, either into a VBC display          tank or the water way where it was caught. Any fish that DOES NOT SWIM AWAY when released after being    weighed in will be re-weighed separately and then that weight will be deducted from that teams original             weight.

Teams In Distress

  • Section 91(1) of the Marine Safety Act 2010 states =  If a master of a recreational vessel believes that any other person in the vicinity of the vessel is in distress, the master must, unless he or she is unable to do so or in the circumstances of the case he or she considers it unsafe, unreasonable or unnecessary to do so, cause his or her vessel to proceed with all practicable speed to the assistance of that other person.

  • In the case of physical or medical emergencies,  or teams following the marine safety act for distressed not inconvenienced anglers VBC officials will judge the acceptability of catches.

Inconvenienced Teams

  • If teams are inconvenienced with a boat break down of any kind and can't make it back to the weigh in their own boat they need to immediately call the tournament director to inform them of the situation. If another team has come to the assistance of the broken down team the tournament director will allow one member from the broken down team to remain with their anchored or moored boat and the other member of that team to board the assisting teams boat with their key tag and bream and make their way back to the 2pm check in, in the assisting teams boat. (It is advisable but not compulsory for a member of the assisting team to jump on board the broken down teams boat while their team mate and a member from the broken down team head to the check in as to not leave the member of the broken down team by themselves onboard the anchored or moored vessel)

  • Both the broken down team and the assisting team will still need to be back to the check in by 2pm as the same       late penalties will apply as per the rest of the field, so its becomes the responsibility of the assisting team to              assess how long it will take to assist the broken down team and determine if its feasible to still make the 2pm           check in with a member from the broken down team and their fish.


PLEASE NOTE = A team in distress meaning a team at risk of sinking, a team currently sinking, a capsized vessel, a team involved in a serious incident or a team with a physical or medical emergency is a top priority and by law you must render assistance providing its safe to do so and zero consideration should be given to whether helping that team may result in you being late back to weigh in your fish. Whether you are leading a tournament or coming last weighing in your fish becomes irrelevant when you are presented with another team in distress requiring assistance.


  • During the Friday night briefing it is encouraged that anglers show the tournament director some respect and common curtesy and remain quite and listen to the Tournament Director for the 15 minutes it takes to complete the briefing.

  • During fishing sessions, no mobile phones or radios should be used, except in an emergency.

  • Non-boaters should bring their own PFD to tournaments.

  • Boats should remain a cast apart (30metres) while fishing.

Bring the Sport into Disrepute

  • Anglers that are found to have acted in an unacceptable manner during the tournament which included, threathening and abusive behaviour toward other competitors or officials, sexual harrasssment of other anglers or acting in a way that is deemed unacceptable will recieve a formal warning on the first offense.
  • Should an angler who has had their formal warning act in an unacceptable manner again they will be banned from the entering a Vic Bream Classic Tournament for 12 months from the date of  2nd offence.

Physical Voilence

  • Any angler that is found to have physically assaulted another angler during a Vic Bream Classic tournament they will recieve an immediate 5 year ban from entering any Vic Bream Classics event from the date of offence
Rules (Tournament Conditons)

  • Up on signing the entry form each angler acknowledges that they have read the rules and tournament conditions and accepts all the rules and tournament conditions below and agrees that the tournament directors decisions are final.

2008 Vic Bream Classics
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