2015 Engel East Gippsland Bream Classic
Mallacoota Inlet
Final Results

2008 Vic Bream Classics


In an amazing tournament that saw Mallacoota turn it and deliver 45 10/10 bream bags Team Native Watercraft's Charlie Saykao and Aaron Williams in their first Vic Bream Classics tournament after moving from W.A have taken victory with an impressive 10/10 bream bag weighing 9.60kg
October 10th and 11th saw 61 Teams gear up for the 5th and final qualifying round of the 2015 Vic Bream Classic Series in Mallacoota. The pressure was on for the anglers to earn those vital Team Of The Years Points ensuring their team will qualify for the 2015 Atomic Vic Bream Classics Grand Final. Heading into briefing and all anglers seemed to be more nervous than usual, as Mallacoota seems to always have the goods. However pre-fish had all anglers searching and searching just to find some barely legal 28cm fork bream, this was not a good sign. The decision was made to fish for 29cm tip bream, in the hopes that this change would allow the anglers to find and weigh in fish knowing that the competition would be tight. Plans were made based on the knowledge the teams had gained from pre-fish and what they had heard from other anglers. Team Native Watercraft came into pre-fish having little to no knowledge of Mallacoota, however they relied heavily on the guidance from friends, and only a handful of places they thought might hold the fish needed to at least weigh in a bag. All they had to go off was the fact they had hooked 2 very good bream over the flats using an Eco Gear SX48.

Day 1, and what an amazing day it had turned out to be not a single breath of wind in the air. Silence fell over the field of anglers, you could tell that many anglers were under the pressure, with boats going in all directions at the start. However Charlie Saykao and Aaron Williams form Team Native Watercraft stuck to the little plan they had, using their Lowrance Insight Genesis to not only find the fish needed, but to determine the bank structure and depth. As this helped the team feel confident in finding similar bank structure which had produced fish for Charlie, when he fishes in Albany. Both Charlie and Aaron raced up to the top lakes which had produced some smaller fish the day before, armed with a Miller Rod complemented with an impressive Daiwa Certate Reel the hunt was on. Little did they know the flats were to become an essential spot in which they would receive the confidence needed to get 5/5. Although this bag did not come easy, they were fishing with 6lb Sunline Super PE Braid along with 3lb Sunline FC Rock Leader, Charlie noticed a ripple in the water, immediately deciding to cast a Z-Man Grubz in that direction. He was thinking early that it would be a flat head, he soon realised it was an impressive 1.39kg bream which held the JML Anglers Alliance Big Bream for Day 1, this is exactly what they needed. Their bag weighed 5/5 fish going for 5.09kg putting them into the lead going into Day 2 of competition.

The pressure was on now to find the fish again on the Sunday and hold off the other teams who were only grams behind them. It really was a chance for any team to take the win, as there was only one team who were unable to find the fish on day 1.  However Day 2 saw Native Watercraft produce the goods again with 5/5, knowing their bag was not as good as the one yesterday, they soon became anxious of all the teams below them weighing in heavier bags. Team Lowrance HDS, Paul Malov and Alex Franchuk threw a huge spanner in the works, bringing in an absolute beast of a bream weighing 1.5kg taking out JML Anglers Alliance Big Bream for the competition, this saw Native Watercraft very nervous, as that bream helped Paul and Alex's bag tip the scales at 4.86kg. However this left Team Lowrance HDS moving from 19th to 4th. Aaron and Charlie were still holding the lead, with only a few more teams to check in.  Some reshuffling at the top end took place as some teams that did good day one dropped back and the consistent teams pushed in with better bags. One of the last teams to weigh in was Team Minn Kota, Cam Whittam and Warren Carter, but they done enough to take the lead from Native Watercraft. The anglers knew this was an important bag from Team Minn Kota with 5/5 weighing 4.87kg, was it enough. With only 30g in it Team Native Watercraft were able to hold onto their lead making it 10/10 9.60kg and take victory of the 2015 Engel East Gippsland Bream Classic, with their first win in the series. The Native Watercraft boys also took out the Maria Lures Best Bag with their day 1 bag of 5/5 bream for 5.09kg.

The Club Marine Team of the Year Trophy also had a nail biting finish as with only 4 points in it Team Lowrance HDS Paul Malov and Alex Franchuk again took the title for their 4th time, with an impressive 394 points. With a solid year fishing for this team, they are becoming an unstoppable force. Coming in a very close second was Colac Tackle-Major Craft, Steve Parker and Dan Mackrell on 390 points.