2011 Club Marine East Gippsland Bream Classic
Gippsland Lakes

2008 Vic Bream Classics


Bream By Stealth Win with a BANG!

The weekend of the 30th of April and 1st of May saw the Humminbird Bream Classic Series head to Metung on the Gippsland Lakes for the 2011 Club Marine East Gippsland Bream Classic. Being the largest field to attend a Metung round the weekend was set to break all records with the largest 2 day bag of bream being weighed in smashing all Humminbird Bream Classic records along with all Australian tournament results with ease. Its was the quite achievers team Bream By Stealth's Romeo Prezioso and Carl DiToro that dialled in the form that most anglers only dream about. Totally smashing the field by almost 5kgs the boys took victory with a record 10/10 bream for 13.66kg. See how they pulled of the unthinkable.

Day 1 of competition saw anglers awake to picture perfect conditions with no wind, blue skies and a slight chill in the air. Blasting off from 18th position the boys from Bream By Stealth made the 40km run to Holland's Landing where they began searching the edges with long casts for the large bream they knew were in the area. "We fished this area 2 days prior to the pre-fish ban & managed to produce a 6kg plus bag. Knowing that the majority of the field would be in the Tambo, we made the decision to take a chance of finding the fish where they had been 2 weeks previously. It wasn't until 11:30am on Saturday that we had found the fish approx 300m from where they had been 2-weeks ago & fortunately it payed off for us" Romeo said. Holding there nerve and staying in the area that produced the fish 2 weeks prior even though not a fish had been boated until 11.30am was a master stroke by the guys because not only did they find the fish but in a hot bite they had their bag in 45 minutes and after looking in the well and seeing some quality bream they left the fish biting so they could return on day 2 again. A quality bag was an understatement as the 5 bream in their bag pulled the scales down to 5/5 bream for 7.04kg a new Humminbird Bream Classic Series 1 day record and easily took out the Atomic Bassday Best Bag for the tournament. Mixed in nicely in their Day 1 bag was the 1.86kg Eco-Gear Big Bream. "We knew that Saturday's bag would be in the high 6kg range, but didn't expect it to top 7kg" Romeo said. With such an expressive start all eyes were on Bream By Stealth to see if they could repeat their efforts in Day 2 or if it was all just a bit of luck.

Day 2 showed a little more promise for the majority of the field as with over cast skies and a little more wind many teams felt they could target bream on the flats with more success. For Team Bream By Stealth is was back to the same spot that produced the record bag the day before. Using a combination of G-Loomis SR842-2 IMX rods, Diawa Certate 2004 reels spooled with 3lb Stren Microfuse and 3lb FC Rock Flurocarbon leaders the boys started casting their trusty Eco-Gear SX40 in colour 307 which had dominated on Day 1. "On Sunday the bite was totally different requiring a gentle twitch & slower retrieve followed by longer pauses. This technique combined with the Eco Gear SX40 (307) resulted in fish, measuring 32-33 to fork early in the morning. We persevered staying within area, hoping to upgrade the bag & by the end of the morning we managed to upgrade, with fish measuring 38-40 to the fork. We did this by changing the lure size but not the colour to the SX43 (307). By using a slightly heavier lure we were able to keep the casts further away from the boat hooking up better quality fish" Romeo said. Better quality fish was a total understatement as with all eyes on them at the weigh in on day 2 they sat another solid bag on the scales to blow the field away with a day2 bag of 5/5 bream for 6.62kg giving them a combined total of 10/10 bream for a thumping 13.66kg. With the 2nd place team weighing 10/10 bream for 8.98kg it just further illustrated how dominant their performance was and they were crowned worth 2011 Club Marine East Gippsland Bream Classic Champions. "We were absolutely stoked with the result & after 3 years of competing, we hope to be one step closer to achieving our ultimate goal of winning a final" Romeo said.

Next stop will see the 2011 Humminbird Bream Classic Series head to Nelson on the Glenelg River for the 2011 Eco-Gear Glenelg Shire Bream Classic. For all the information or to get your entry in to complete log onto www.vicbreamclassics.com.au for all the details.