• BREAM boats must be 3.7m in length or greater. Horsepower and beam must be sufficient to plane the craft with two anglers and full live well/s. 15hp is considered the minimum to achieve this. All engines must be fitted with a man-overboard or dead man's kill switch and safety lanyard. If in doubt, check with VBC staff or your nearest outboard dealer.

  • Boat drivers must wear their engine's safety lanyard strap that connects to the kill switch at all times while the engine is running. Additionally, all competitors are required to wear personal flotation devices while their boat is planing.

  • All boats must have a minimum 60 litre live well, with an aerator or recirculating pump installed and functioning. This must also be insulated if it is above decks. No garbage bins or fish tubs will be accepted.

  • All anglers must wear a PFD type 1 at all times if their boat is less than 4.8m

  • All boat owners must ensure that Vic Bream Classic have a current copy of their boat insurance policy before any scheduled event. This can be sent in with entry forms.

  • There is no age limit to for anglers competing in the Vic Bream Classic Series however people under the age of 16 are required to fish with a parent or gardian.

Pre-fish Day.

  • On the official pre-fish day teams are only permitted to fish with their team mate and no one else unless approved by the Tournament Director.
  • If one team member is unavailable to fish the pre-fish day then one member can fish the pre-fish by themselves, however teams can't split up on the pre-fish day and fish out of separate boats.


  • On the Friday night briefing, boats will be allocated a starting position for Day 1 that is determined by the receipt of a fully completed and paid entry. Each day will start with a rolling start where boats file past the start area or start boat, receive a tournament key-tag, have their live well checked, safety gear checked and safety lanyard checked before being released to fish.

Day 1

  • The first day will start with boat one approaching the start area, where it will be held until the designated start time. When released, boat two can approach the start area, be checked and released, and so on until all competitors are released to fish.

Day 2

  • Day 2 start will be run as a chase start. That is the boater placed in first position after Day 1 will be released first, then the second placed boat and so on until all boats are released. Any speed restrictions, non-boating or nonfishing areas must be adhered to, unless advised otherwise at the briefing. VBC reserves the right to disallow unsafe boats (for either anglers or fish) to compete.

Fishing Rules

  • Anglers must fish within the current Fisheries guidelines, and must be in possession of the necessary permits or licences as demanded by the waterway in the state being fished. Anglers should bring these with them to the tournament briefings. VBC will make you go and buy one before letting you fish.

  • Anglers may fish any line class with spin, baitcast, spincast or flyfishing tackle.

  • Lure and fly CASTING only is permitted. Trolling is not permitted. Trolling is defined as using the momentum of the boat to give the lure action. Casting along a stretch of bank under electric power is fine, as is using your electric motor to keep position; don't, however, leave your lines in the water when changing positions. VBC Staff reserve the right to disqualify anglers deemed to be purposely trolling in defiance of the spirit of BREAM events.

  • Fishing is NOT permitted within any defined non-boating or non-fishing areas. Also, if asked to leave a private marina or oyster lease, you must do so.

  • All fish must be weighed in live and then MUST BE RELEASED after the weigh in, either into a VBC display tank or the water way where it was caught. Any fish that DOES NOT SWIM AWAY when released after being weighed in will be re-weighed separately and then that weight will be deducted from that teams original weight.

  • Fish must be caught during the designated times and kept in the Boaters' livewells. No more than five bream per angler are allowed to be kept at any one time. If you already have five fish and catch another, immediately release a fish. Anglers caught fishing with more than the BREAM bag limit will be immediately disqualified and VBC staff reserve the right to check boats' livewells for excess bream during competition hours.

  • Anglers may only use one rod at a time while fishing all BREAM events, including such cases as when a lure is snagged but still attached to the rod, anglers can not pick up another rod and begin casting as this would constitute using two rods.

  • All pairs of anglers are to stay with each other at all times, to ensure safety and to validate co-anglers' catches. Additionally, anglers are not permitted to fish from outside their fishing vessels at any time during sessions, including fighting and landing fish.

  • In the case of physical or medical emergencies, VBC officials will judge the acceptability of catches.


  • During fishing sessions, no mobile phones or radios should be used, except in an emergency.

  • Non-boaters should bring their own PFD to tournaments.

  • Boats should remain a cast apart (30metres) while fishing.


2008 Vic Bream Classics