The Vapor series of Tournament rods represents two years of development and testing to produce a rod to meet the needs of tournament anglers and the growing trend towards ultra-light, responsive tackle. By utilising the latest advances in carbon fibre technology and high-performance epoxy resin systems, Vapor series rods have achieved unsurpassed lightness, while rigorous field-testing over a range of fishing environments has only enhanced Nitro’s peerless reputation for strength and durability.

Nitro Vapor rods will give the tournament angler and the active angler the ‘feel’ and responsiveness to explore micro-lure fishing strategies, yet still retain the ‘butt’ authority needed for aggressive fishing tactics.

By working closely with the likes of Brett Geddes, Shane Dyason and Dion Vale during the field testing period, their feedback provided an insight to just how tuned in with their tackle these tournament anglers can be; to gain that extra 1-percent – the critical margin – that so often determines tournament success. 

The Vapor series of rods represents a culmination of concepts and ideas gleaned from tournament anglers around Australia with the specific aim to produce rods whose design focus encompassed bass, bream, estuary perch and similar estuarine species. What we have achieved with the Vapor rods represents very much the consistency of thought that prevails amongst alert, fastidious and undoubtedly – successful anglers.

Innovator-Nitro is grateful to those anglers on the tournament circuit whose objective input, feedback and in some case, rigorous field-testing, were crucial to the development of the Vapor rods.

Design Application: Tournament – Bream & Bass, Estuary Perch.

Rod Action:  Ultra-fast – ultra-responsive.

Composite Material: Torayca® (PAN) Carbon Fibre Prepreg by Toray       Industries - Japan. 

Design Features & Components:

    * Split Tennessee skeletal cork grip for maximum ‘feel’ with minimum weight.
    * Fuji SiC Guides (Silicon Carbide) throughout.
    * Fuji T-MNST Titanium frame SiC tip guide - anti line fouling design.
    * Fuji T-LSG Titanium frame SiC size #5 guides utilized at tip end of rod.
    * Distinctive purple bromides coupled with purple trim on each guide binding.
    * Cordura travel case with distinctive ‘Vapor’ embroidery.

Models: Sections Rod Weight   Line rating Lure Weight

Vapor 6’  2-pce   2-5/16oz (65g)  1-2kg  1-7g

Vapor 6’6”  2-pce   2-5/8oz (75g)  1-2kg  1-7g

Vapor 7’  2-pce   2-3/4oz (78g)  1-3kg  1-10g

Price: - $399.95 RRP

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Posted: June 26th 2008 10:00pm

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Vapor 6' tip
Vapor 6' handle
Vapor 6' ti guide
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